Annual Maintenance Contract

Krystalvision provides a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty on all its products. During the warranty period, our fully trained and qualified staff of Service Engineers will be available for preventative maintenance and other services as needed. At the end of the warranty period we encourage customers to enter into an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). Annual Maintenance Contract will guarantee that our trained service engineers will inspect the machines on a periodic basis to maximize uptime. We maintain adequate spares and parts and will ship them quickly to customer location through our support service centers.

We offer two types of AMC:

  • A Base Annual Maintenance Contract covers only labor charges. Spares will be recommended by our service personnel on a case by case basis depending on multiple factors such as age of the machine, usage etc.

  • A Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) covering labor and spares such as conveyor belt, lead flaps, etc. on each machine is provided. During the AMC period, Krystalvision will undertake quarterly preventive maintenance checks apart from breakdown maintenance as and when required.

Spare Parts, Safety Audits

Spare Parts

In order to ensure that the security scanners have the highest possible uptime and are available round the clock, we carry adequate stock of genuine spare parts at all times. Spare parts are priced reasonably and Krystalvision can ship the parts to the customer location at short notice. We recommend that our customers always use genuine spare parts and use services of authorized personnel only.

Safety Audits

Safety of the operating personnel and the general public who are in the vicinity of x-ray scanners is very important and we take that very seriously. Radiation leakage emitted by our scanners is within the limit prescribed by AERB and is certified as such. To ensure that radiation leakage level is within certified limit and other safety features such as emergency stop are functioning as per specifications after the warranty period, we provide safety audit services which are conducted by training and experienced service professionals.


We also provide x-ray scanning machines to various public and private institutions on short term and long term lease. Rental rate depends on type of machine, location, lease duration and services requested.