Production Line NDT X Ray Systems

Krystalvision designs, manufactures and supports customized testing equipment for X-ray imaging and computer radiography for production systems. All imaging is done in real-time and data can be stored within the equipment at mega-pixel resolution.

In line Production X Ray Machine


Krystalvision’s In Line Production X Ray Machine is a versatile x-ray inspection system designed to be integrated into your production line. It provides automated x-ray inspection at line speed at any stage in the manufacturing or packaging process and can check for contaminants as well as product defects.

NDT Cable X Ray Scanner


Krystalvision’s NDT Cable X Ray Scanner is optimized to measure the thickness and and quality of high tension steel cables at line speed during the manufacturing process. The system is modular and can be configured to meet your specific need.

Desktop/TableTop X Ray Machine


Krystalvision’s Desktop/TableTop X Ray machine is ideal for inspecting small and medium-packaged products. It offers outstanding detection of dense foreign bodies, including metal, glass, mineral stone, bone and high-density plastic and rubber and is are suitable for inspecting packaged dry goods, such as confectionery and seasonings as well as lightweight dry products and those in small bags

Pipe Scan X Ray


Krystalvision’s Pipe Scan X ray is used for checking defects in pipes and castings. It provides highly detailed radiographic images, high sensitivity and self diagnostic system checks to ensure efficient operations.