Mobile/Portable X Ray Screening

Krystalvision offers state of art mobile screening platform that has been integrated with Mahindra Scorpio SUV. We can integrate into the vehicle of your choice or into a trailer unit that can be towed. We also offer portable scanner that can be deployed in minutes for explosive detection and comes with multiple detector sizes.

Units are available for short and long term rentals.

Portable Security X Ray Machine Scanner


Krystalvision’s portable x-ray security system is easy to use and offers real time, sophisticated analysis of suspect objects and unidentified luggage. The system consists of a remote laptop, x-ray source and a capture screen.

Mobile X Ray Machine Scanner - Mobi Check


Krystalvision Mobi Check x-ray scanners are custom built to fit in special purpose vehicles such as SUVs, trucks or for use in a non-motorized single axle trailer which can be attached to any vehicle and towed to desired sites.