Krystalvision 6550 X Ray Baggage Scanner


Krystalvision 6550 baggage x-ray baggage scanner is a dual energy, state of art scanner designed for cabin baggage, cargo, pallets and large parcels. The 6550 baggage scanner machine has a tunnel size of 650 mm by 500 mm and can scan objects that exceed standard dimensions for hand luggage. 6550 provides highly efficient solid state detectors which are maintenance free and smart algorithms for superior detection capabilities.


• Superior detection capabilities
• Low cost of ownership
• Advanced x-ray photodiode array technology
• Sophisticated image capture, display and archival
• Performance: Typical penetration 32mm of steel, wire resolution up to AWG 40

Optional Features

• Support for networked environment
• Dual View
• Material discrimination
• Threat Image Projection


• Uninterrupted power supply
• Standby generator
• Input/output rollers

Market Applications

• Government offices
• Defense establishments
• Airports
• Hotels and Corporate Offices
• Metro/Railway Stations
• Malls and Movie Theaters
• Prisons and Courthouses
• ITES/Corporate Offices
• Temples and Places of Worship